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Our Mission

McGrath was founded by Leslie Masters in Dublin, Ireland in 1992.

Leslie’s vision was to create a consulting company that provides organisations with highly effective, taylor-made solutions.

McGrath works with renowned organisations worldwide, implementing high performance transformation programs and innovative management solutions that enable clients to reach their full potential.

McGrath leads the transformation process, engaging our clients’ people as change agents and teaching them to promote transformation themselves. This is a unique concept that ensures the perpetuity of McGrath programs within the clients’ organisations.

About Us

Our Values

Our value proposition is at the heart of who we are and how we work. The strong relationships we create and the unprecedented results we deliver are built on commitment, excellence, integrity and quality.

Because we lead and implement the transformation process, we also commit to its success, and guarantee our results. We show our commitment at every step of the way. Our CEO is personally involved in the initial negotiation with each client, and our Managing Director leads the assessment, ensuring the implementation program meets our exacting quality standards and our client’s expectations. During the program we maintain close contact with our client’s board and management team.

To create excellence in our clients’ operations, McGrath is committed to best practice standards in everything we do. From the services we provide to our clients, to our own internal management, we strive to be an example of excellence in all our activities.

In McGrath we know that integrity is essential for building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients, people and suppliers. We believe in honest, transparent partnerships with all our stakeholders.

For our clients, integrity means that we keep the cost of our programs to a minimum, without compromising on quality. In order to do this, we optimise our direct resources and maintain a lean structure, with no unproductive expenditure.

For us, quality means exceeding our clients’ expectations, and this is the driving force behind McGrath’s success. From our outstanding consultants to the design of our programs, we ensure that every aspect of our operations is of the highest possible standard. We employ excellent systems to control the delivery of the program’s financial and non-quantifiable benefits. These systems allow us to take corrective measures when needed, adjusting the program and our actions where required to ensure we’re always reaching our goals.

About Us

Our Staff

About our Staff:
Having the right knowledge to achieve superior performance is only a part of the road to sucess. To transform this knowledge into daily reality for our clients, we need the right people. McGrath’s human resources policy ensures that we only have expert consultants with proven experience in implementing high performance systems. Our people are an extraordinary asset to us and to our clients, and we do a limited amount of programs to ensure that this quality is always guaranteed. Many of our consultants have been with us for over ten years and some since the company was founded.

Our consultants are extensively trained in our methods, systems, technology and research. We encourage their learning and growth and support their publishing and public speaking activities beyond the company. To create lasting excellence, we always work as a team with our clients’ employees. Our relationships are key to our success, and our people are specialists in creating a professional but friendly environment in which everyone can flourish.

Leslie E. McGrath Masters | Chief Executive Officer - Founder

With more than 30 years’ experience in the consulting business, Leslie founded McGrath with the purpose of delivering quantifiable results based on the client’s specific needs. This approach has led McGrath to work with organizations throughout the world, achieving outstanding results and lasting change. Leslie is personally involved with every step of the process, ensuring that the client’s needs are at the heart of everything we do. Leslie is based in Brussels.

Mariano De Bernardi | Managing Director - Partner - Analysis Director

Mariano has worked in the consulting business for more than 25 years, and with McGrath since it was founded. His ability to quickly understand each client’s particular challenges and strategic growth opportunities make him a powerful asset for our clients. He has helped more than 100 companies all over the world to achieve their strategic goals. Mariano has an academic background in Law, Economics and Management. He is a certified coach and management trainer and lives in Barcelona.

Marcello Pediglieri | Chief of Operations

Marcello has worked as a consultant for more than 20 years, and has been leading projects with McGrath since 2004. As well as his vast experience and technical knowledge, Marcello brings a natural ability to engage everyone with our programs, generating enthusiasm and creating the momentum for real change to take place. Originally from Italy, Marcello lives in Barcelona.

António Costa | Operations Manager

Antonio has gained experience in a wide variety of sectors, including financial services, managed services, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and retail supply.
He has been involved with, and has led business transformation programmes throughout Europe and South America.
Antonio has a calm and engaging style that is appreciated, and his multicultural background has been an advantage to understanding complex challenges and  adjusting to diverse working environments.

Panu Hämari | CEO Finland, Baltic States, Hungary, Bulgaria & Romania

Panu has been in consulting almost 30 years. He has worked as implementation and change specialist in more than 100 companies in Northern Europe and internationally. He has academic background in marketing, business management and organizational psychology. He is also a Master Black Belt and Green Lean Master Specialist, certified coach, NLP practitioner and Process Management specialist.

Panu’s offices are in Helsinki and Plovdiv.

Ian Duncan | Vice President Sales

Ian has lived and worked on four continents in top management and leadership roles including General Manager, Executive Director and Managing Director. Recognised for quickly reversing large ailing operations to peak performance and restoring brand image, reputation and profitability.

Ian has played and coached rugby at international level.

Nicholas Masters | Business Manager

Bringing over 10 years of professional experience across tier 1 and tier 2 Investment Banks and M&A Boutiques, Nicholas, as a certified PMI Agile leader has designed, pitched, led and completed several risk control implementations across said institutions.

Nicholas comes to McGrath with the objective of establishing systems of high-quality information, processes and risk controls necessary for our business to maximise value within the decision-making process all the while safeguarding our success.

Chris van Dam | Regional Vice President - Netherlands

Chris is an aerospace engineer with a strong entrepreneurial drive. He disposes of a decades long experience in varied technological sectors like aerospace and ICT, having fulfilled roles in marketing, sales and project management. Highly engaged in innovation and Industry 4.0, he has learned to think “outside the box”. Highly developed analytical, interpersonal and communication skills are invaluable assets during the design and implementation of transformational, organisational processes. Internationally oriented, he speaks English, Dutch, Portuguese, and German

Arne Olafsson | CEO Sweden

Arne has more than 30 years consulting experience as an implementation and change specialist. With vast experience from a wide range of industries around the world Arne has extensive management experience in performing business analysis and the following implementation process as a management consultant. Highly developed digital, design, and communication skills, today invaluable assets in the business development process.

Gustavo Villarreal | CEO and Partner, Mexico, USA and Latin America

Gustavo Villarreal currently leads the Mexican, American and Latin American projects of McGrath, a company in which we strive to help our clients’ vision evolve into continuous growth and transformation. Gustavo has an Engineering degree from Texas A&M University and obtained an MBA from Monterrey Tech (ITESM). He also has 26 years of experience in the productivity and business consulting areas at an international level. Based in Monterrey, Mexico, Gustavo leads the initial contact with our clients and aids them in defining the road to success through a profound analysis of the systems, operations and behavior of their teams, which allows for a subsequent presentation of a tailored, measurable project for each one of them. The aspects of his work of which Gustavo is most passionate about are people, their goals and their talents.

About Us

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About Us

Our Clients

Our Approach

Tailor-made Solutions

Implementing solutions rather than suggesting improvements is McGrath’s expertise. We do not have a standard approach and do not deliver pre-packaged programs. Because of our extensive know-how, we are able to use the methodology that is best suited to each particular client. McGrath operates a results-driven business that is tailored to each client. Our senior management is involved in every program we develop, in order to ensure quality and integrity.

Our Approach

Client Involvement

Our clients’ goals are our goals. To ensure that we achieve what we set out to do, we involve the client’s key staff in all our programs. By creating client/McGrath teams, everyone in the organisation takes part in the program’s success. Our tailormade training programs help employees grow confidently with the new ideas and strategies being implemented, ensuring that these changes not only make a deep impact in the short-term, but are long lasting, bringing ever-increasing benefits to the organisation.

McGrath also establishes fluent communication channels with the client’s management team. This allows us to know that we are always moving in the right direction and enables us to spot and remove any obstacles that could prevent improved performance.

Our Approach


McGrath always carries out the implementation of its programs.

Operational assesment.
Fundamental to McGrath’s work is the initial fact-finding study that explores the complexities and intricacies of the organisation. This assessment gives us an in-depth understanding of how the client’s organisation is currently operating and allows us to benchmark this against the way it should be for optimal performance. Based on this knowledge, McGrath is able to offer solutions that are fine-tuned and aligned with the client’s objectives. These solutions improve operational performance, delivering measurable financial benefits.

Four stage process.
To successfully implement the operational improvements identified during the assessment, our programs follow a four-stage process.

Development phase.
The first part of the program consists of deconstructing the organisation’s existing operation. We study in close detail the KPIs, processes, methods, external and internal service levels, and management tools. Then, together with our client, we are able to design a new operational model.

Agreement phase.
Engaging all the parties involved is crucial to the program’s success, and in this phase we involve them in the critique, conceptualisation and design of all parts of the new system. This culminates in the agreement by all parties to a new management system that is leaner, more efficient and capable of delivering superior performance.

Implementation phase.
It is now time to start using the new management tools in the work environment and to make the changes agreed upon. This is the period of transition from the old system to the new system, so our attention here is focused on everyone’s compliance with the new way of doing things. It is during this phase that the financial and non-quantifiable benefits start to be generated.

Follow-up phase.
During this phase we make small adjustments and corrections to the new systems to ensure they run smoothly and deliver the expected results.

Our Approach

Quantifiable Financial Results

McGrath’s priority is to achieve real financial and operational results with an impact on the bottom line for its clients.

During the initial assessment we establish the financial goals that we will reach in the implementation program. In the first week of the implementation program, and in agreement with our clients, we establish the methodology that will be used to measure the benefits achieved by the program. And then, we deliver them.

Our Approach

Our Guarantee

McGrath guarantees 100% of the cost of the implementation program.

If McGrath is unable to achieve the annualised improvements or savings equal to the cost of the program, then we will request permission from the client and the management team to continue the project at no cost until the 1:1 annualised improvements or savings are achieved.

If, after this period, McGrath is still unable to achieve the 1:1 annualised improvements or savings then McGrath will pay back the difference between what was saved on an annualised basis and the cost of the implementation program.

What We Do


For more than 25 years, McGrath has been implementing operational excellence programs with our clients. Our trusted performance experts have a wealth of experience in strengthening performance and bottom lines.

In a highly demanding and competitive global environment, the challenge is to make each organisation perform to the absolute best of its abilities. McGrath’s made to measure approach ensures its clients are up to the challenges they face. They will improve their performance, optimise costs, improve customer service, become more competitive and increase their profit.

What We Do

Operational Excellence Program

The McGrath Operational Excellence Program is tailored to each organisation’s specific needs, challenges and goals. This transformational program is developed with the involvement of all the key people in the client’s organisation, and focusses on real benefits throughout all operations. In partnership with the client, we create new management systems that are based on optimisation and excellence, and new lean business processes. We also foster a new culture of performance measurement that directs the whole organisation to increase performance and consistently improve itself. From production to administration, logistics to R&D, shared services to every business unit, the Operational Excellence Program impacts every aspect of the organisation:

Management Systems
Working with the client’s employees, we create a new way of managing resources in every area. The new management systems encompass the accurate definition of objectives, the creation of effective communication channels, operational planning optimisation, work measurement, clear assignment of tasks, close follow up, timely reporting and corrective action when required. These systems then become the new normal way to work.

Business Processes
We clean up all the operational processes, making them lean and effective. This more effective way of working is motivating to everyone involved as it also reduces frustration and reinforces the benefits of transformation.

Performance Measurement
Measuring performance objectively creates a culture in which decisions are made based on tangible facts and banishes all subjective ways of evaluation. A fair system that recognises true achievement becomes the new language of the organisation.

Behaviours & Attitudes
Behaviours and attitudes from the past are pushed out by the new management systems, the leaner operational processes and objective evaluation of performance. The change process that takes place is helped by our Management Development Training Program. This cutting edge program is based on the latest discoveries in neuroscience, and supported by individual coaching, when necessary, so that everyone in the organisation, from team leaders to managers, becomes a high performer.

Best Practices
Identifying best practices and extending them to the rest of the organisation is also a key aspect of our Operational Excellence Program.

Based on an objective performance measurement methodology, it becomes easy to identify those practices that lead to success, and expand them to other areas, with a close monitoring of results.

Green Lean
Green Lean incorporates the principles of social and environmental sustainability into our program. We develop social sustainability by taking full advantage of people’s skills, knowledge and potential for innovation, whilst boosting their motivation and wellbeing. We achieve environmental sustainability through the suppression and replacement of environmentally harming materials and methods.

With a direct impact on the organisation’s EBITDA, operational cost reductions of more than 20%, or increased production levels of more than 30% can be achieved, with no further investment.
Focusing on the 3 pillars that create value in an organisation, reducing costs, generating cash and developing growth, McGrath can multiply the value of any company by more than 10 times.
Specifically, McGrath’s Operational Excellence Programs achieve the following results:

• Increased productivity
• Reduced material costs
• Optimised operational crewing
• Increased equipment utilisation
• Increased production capacity
• Optimised supply chain performance
• Improved internal service levels
• Reduced purchasing costs
• Optimised inventory
• Reduced non quality costs
• Shortened product development cycle
• Improved deliveries performance
• Improved service levels to customers
• Optimised product portfolio
• Optimised working capital
• Increased liquidity
• Increased revenue and profit
• Environmental sustainability
• Improved staff motivation

What We Do

Focused Programs

McGrath Management Development Program:
Training & coaching oriented to action
The aim of the Management Development Program is to increase company performance and consolidate managers’ leadership within their own areas. It provides managers with the awareness, tools and methodology to become truly effective leaders, and starts them on their journey towards high performance. This powerful program changes attitudes and behaviours, and focuses the organisation’s management on efficiency, effectiveness and excellence. The cultural change will enable the company to become world class and will have a significant impact on the client’s EBITDA.

McGrath Commercial Excellence Program:
Getting the best out of the market
Tailored specifically for each organisation, this program brings about real transformation in the interaction with customers, substantially increasing the turnover and margins. It encompasses improved branding, lead generation and conversion, sales funnel ratios, the sales structure, skills and productivity, procedures, the sales management system, after-sales activities, customer service, customers’ perception of quality, portfolio analysis, and the best sales and marketing practices. This program transforms every aspect of interaction with the market, directly impacting the organisation’s volume of business and margins.

Supply Chain Optimisation Program:
Efficient and effective support for operations
A program designed to optimise every step of the supply chain management, from procurement and purchasing to delivery and transport, and including material handling, logistics, inventories and warehousing. The resulting consistent approach will reduce inventories, improve delivery performance, reduce purchasing costs, optimise transport, and increase customer satisfaction, with a direct impact in the EBITDA.

High Performance Management Team Program:
Creating the team that leads the organization to excellence
This program transforms the management team, enabling it to focus on the organisation’s performance, and creating a culture of operational excellence and continual improvement. The focus of the program is on the management team, reinforcing its cohesion, emphasising its shared values and extending its influence and leadership throughout the organisation. A new team culture will emerge that will transform the organisation with high performance and excellence.

Time to Market Speed Up Program:
Getting new products and services to the market without unnecessary delays
This program focuses on reducing time to market through tight control of deadlines, milestones and effective project management. Specially designed for R&D divisions or functions, it delivers a cultural change, and a focus on performance, accountability and optimised planning, significantly reducing the time to market, a key factor for most industries.

Towards Industry 4.0:
The future starts now
McGrath will assess the situation within the organisation in line with the trends of Industry 4.0. A review on the actual status and possibilities of all the new technologies that are transforming industrial production will be carried out and a roadmap created. Implementation at the same pace as technologies are being developed will ensure the company is taking full advantage of new developments and will position the company at the cutting edge of its industry.

Strategic Repositioning Implementation:
Implementing new and coherent standards throughout the organization
McGrath will assess what strategic transformation is needed for the organisation to succeed in a constantly changing market, and create a strategic roadmap with the top management. Through its proven methodology SAM (Strategic Alignment Methodology), McGrath will lead and implement the transformation of the key aspects of the organisation in order to achieve the newly devised strategic goals.

Operational Due Diligence:
Establishing the true potential of the organization
An assessment carried out to accurately determine the actual and potential levels of performance and their impact on the bottom line. This is extremely useful for getting an insight into the operations of a company, division or unit, and evaluating the convenience, price or conditions of a merge or acquisition.

What We Do

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